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Mr. C.S. Pandey has acted as my agent on numerous British expeditions to the Indian Himalayas. As a mountaineer, he is qualified, swift, competent & experienced and has remarkable stamina. Himalayan Run & Trek Pvt. Ltd., has provided me with an excellent and reliable service on all occasions

Martin Moran, UK

Our trip was perfectly planned executed. We could not had a better experience. Everything was done to assume our comfort and enjoyment. We are completely satisfied with the company. Our trip exceeded our expectation

Diane Bain USA

We will writing an article in the issue of Runner’s World which I hope will encourage people to travel to India. I have always remained very enthusiastic about the event and recommend it to anyone. I continue to wish you every success with it in the future

Steven Seaton, Editor, Runner’s World, UK

Thank you all so much for an unforgettable experience in every way good.Your organization is top most in all respects. I have enjoyed every one’s hospitality and professionalism as well as your service

Thomas George Arizona

The whole trip was a great experience for me because of the perfect combination of cultural exposure, meeting local people and the trekking itself. I don’t think, I have ever experienced more care and better organization on any of my previous trips and most of the credit has to go to Mr. C.S. Pandey. You have also very carefully chosen a very good group of staff

Gernot Gessinger, Switzerland

Would recommend the organization thoroughly

Sue Riches, UK

We wanted to say thank you very much for these great days in Varanasi. We will keep them always in our mind, especially the days on the boat and the evening prayers. Thank you also for the tour in Ladakh and in North India, where we got a lot of impressions of the common way of life and also of richness of the Indian culture.

Mounir Carmen & Loetshcer Katja, Switzerland

Many thanks again to you and your staff for a wonderful adventure. It was one of the best experience of my life. I hope to visit you again for another 100 miles in the Himalayas. I am enjoying my fond memories of our fine Journey through the mountains of India

Brian Kronick, USA

I have run marathons across the world – from Dubai to Paris and London. But nothing absolutely anything compares with the 100 miles Himalayan run. The event is magical, it is tough, soul destroying in places and it brings tears of pain and tears of joy. The views of Mt. Everest 4 day’s stage and especially Kanchenjunga are own-inspiring and will stay with me for the rest of my life. I would do it all again. Why? Because of the comradeship, which the event creates - I have met some of the nicest people I will ever care to meet in my future. Because of the beauty of the Himalayas, one if the wonders of the world. And because Mr. Pandey has created one of the worlds, if not the world’s best stage race

Jeffrey Prestridge

I was thinking about the trip and have such sweet memories of it. This is the best Marathon I have ever participated in. The organization, scenery and over all experience is just superb and unmatched. I would like to thank you very much for your great hospitality and the personal attention that I received

Satyendra Sharma, Canada

No one told me that it would be easy, I was, however, promised a unique challenge and an experience of lifetime – and the boy did deliver it!!! It is to your enormous credit that all participants were welcomed with the hospitality, care and encouragement that would put most ‘big-city’ marathons to shame. Every participants was made to feel like a winner

John Sturley UK