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Romantic Rajasthan
The land of vibrant colors leaves the travelers with golden memories of palaces, desert lakes, pulsating beats, which prompts a desire to come again. A journey on "Palace on Wheels" and view of the wonderful specimens of beautiful ancient Rajput and oriental crafts echo the rich past and demonstrate the vivid and dynamic present, which would really be an enchanting experience. Explore the great
that on camel. A journey on dusty tracks... setting sun on golden sand... colorfully attired women with the pitchers on their heads... tinkling their anklets... chivalry and romance. While crossing the sand dunes of vast Thar one can enjoy the myth and legend of the region.


Classic India
The ancient temples of Khajuraho, Mamallapuram, Puri, etc… are the exceptional in architectural skills that would reveal the way of life of the contemporary age.
Varanasi… the oldest living city in the world famous for its temples and ghats, mainly shamshan ghats.


Golden Triangle
Delhi, Agra and Jaipur - The three historic destinations - provides a cultural taste of India that awaits discovery. Old forts and tombs that go back to almost thousands of years, Temples and Mosques... all make Delhi the country's capital, a beautiful combination of the glorious past and present.
AGRA - It is not a surprise, if your heart fills with emotions by the romantic view of "Taj Mahal" built by Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his Queen Mumtaz. If the little stones rolling under your feet were able to speak, they would narrate you an immortal Love story. The view of Taj Mahal on silver light of full moon will take you in the fantasy.
Jaipur known as pink city of India is a seventeenth century city planned on a grid system. Gorgeous places and forts, rich traditions and fine craftsmanship etc. are special features of Jaipur.