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The 22nd Himalayan Run & Trek International Annual Events (Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race) went off successfully during October 29 – November 02, 2012 in Darjeeling area, the North-East Himalayan ranges. Adventurers from fifteen countries including UK, USA, Canada, Scotland, South Africa, Germany, New Zealand, Italy, Australia, Ecuador, Argentina, France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, India etc. took part in this novel event. The Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race has been distinguished as one of the world’s most challenging and toughest endurance events with ‘AAA’ rating.


Dr. Saumitra Mohan, IAS, District Magistrate and Chief Principal Secretary of the local government flagged off the race while admiring the efforts made by Mr. C S Pandey, Race Director in encouraging the runners from all over the world to see the unparalleled beauty of the Himalaya and promoting such an event which is very unique.


Mr. Kevin Michael Weil (USA) won the 22nd International Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race with an overall time of 16 Hrs. 17 Min. got the privilege to receive the Sant Nagpal Baba Memorial Gold Award with the first prize.  The second and third positions were won by Mr. Rupert Fowler (UK) with time of 17 Hrs. 24 Min. and Mr. Holger Schulze (Germany) with time of 18 Hrs. 49 Min. respectively. Among the females, Ms. Elizabeth Weil (USA) with an overall time of 18 Hrs. 47 Min. won the first prize. The second position won by Ms. Rachel Carter (New Zealand) with a time of 20 Hrs. 28 Min. and Ms. Kimberly Fordham (USA) with a time of 22 Hrs. 09 Min. was declared as third winner. This race has been declared as the most scenic race in the world.


The oldest participant was Mr. Vittorio De Benedetti from Italy (73 years), while Gold Award for environmental mission was presented to Mr. Peter Satchell from UK. The race finish rate was 89.70%.


We all, HRT & family, salute the fanaticism of Mr. Mike Nuttall from USA who is 63 Years young undergone triple bypass heart surgery 13 months ago successfully completed 22nd Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race with an overall timing of 28 hours 42 minutes.


We all, HRT & family, stunned to the courage of Mr. Shane James from Australia, who has been fighting Stiff Person Syndrome (SPS), a very rare, painful and debilitating disease with running and had completed 22nd Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race with an overall timing of 25 hours 9 minutes.


We all, HRT & family are highly admirer the spirits of Mr. Richard Hope from Australia, a left arm amputee who completed 22nd Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race with overall timing of 27 hours 56 minutes.


We all, HRT & family, bow our head to everyone who have gone beyond the edges of pain and agony with absolute patience taking away hearts of many with their smiles and simplicity.


Mr. Subash Kumar, Deputy Inspector General of the para-military force (SSB) and Mr. N.K.Sethi, Chattarpur Temple, Delhi congratulated the winners and appreciated the tremendous efforts of Mr. C.S.Pandey behind the successful organizing the challenging sports. Commandant P.A.Mathew of the para-military force (SSB) appraised Shri C.S.Pandey for bringing Darjeeling area among world’s first five top destinations for such adventure activities.


The course traversed vast tea gardens, isolated jungles and small villages. Participants also got opportunity to have the spectacular view of Mt. Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse and Makalu (four out of five highest peaks in the world). According to the runners, the race trail is most beautiful and exciting. It also offers a rare and once in a lifetime opportunity to enjoy the cold breezes that hover around the rhododendron forests which holds more than four thousand types of flowering plants and three hundred varieties of rare ferns. 


Simultaneously the 18th Mt. Everest Challenge Marathon also took place on the third day of the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race. 


Mr. C. S. Pandey & Ms. Mansi Pandey were the Race Director and Asst. Race Director of the events. According to C S Pandey, “eco-friendly adventure sport is the best way to enhance ones’ spirits and brighten life. Becoming one with nature is the most satiating experience one can have, as it helps to keep the body and mind in perfect condition.” The central ambition behind this eco adventure sport mission is to preserve the environment and thousands year old local heritage of Indian Himalaya for future generation.