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India is a land of various religious faith and cultural heritage. People belong to diverse culture and traditions and hence follow various customs in accordance to their belief.Our ancestors have gone in search for inner peace and harmony and therefore started exploring far horizons which became holy places of Pilgrimage, which meant a journey to discover a more profound truth, for enlightenment and inspiration to a search of intimacy with God.

They started exploring great mountains, navigated rivers and seas and marked it with certain dates and places. Since ages people believed that these places are mostly located in the remote areas and considered sacred and spiritual which attracted the people from all ages to offer their prayers.

Pilgrimages re-create the ancient art of sacred travel that offers an oasis of rest and an opportunity for quiet communication between oneself and God, since these places are filled with immense devotion.  These holy shrines and temples bring one near to Mother Nature which is not possible during our daily routine and on the other hand, can have interaction with the divine power more intensely as believed by our ancestors.

Himalayan Run & Trek will take you to the world of spiritual powers, cultures and faith to derive the source of spirituality, which will surely enlighten one’s body, mind and soul.